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Word of mouth
powers businesses.

Kaching powers
word of mouth.

We're not here to school anybody; especially business owners, on the relevance and importance of word of mouth. Everybody knows this is it. Most of all else is fluff. We're grateful to have been able to identify the opportunity, and evolve the most ideal, non-obtrusive, and win-win-win solution to ensure that stores are able to identify and reward their referrers.

2020 is such an extraordinary reset for shopping, dining, travel, spending, and all of commerce. Many millennia of a collective up-and-to-the-right graph getting derailed and parked for 250 days is unprecedented, unreal, and unfair. While there's nothing we can do to get the lost time back, there's a ton we can do to set the momentum back.

Recognising your customers for referring their friends to your outlet is literally the purest, foolproof-est, and simplest way to set the ball rolling.


Our story

This is our backyard

Shiv dropped out of college in 2015 to get the best local deals in Chennai on an app, for free. So that people could refer to the app, decide where to go, and go. Customers would save money, stores would get more walk-ins. Win-win for everybody (except Shiv. He made $0).

Kaching v1 was that app. Beloved. 1000+ 5 star reviews from loyal users who saved so much money. College kids on first dates, IT employees on birthday treats, team lunches on a budget, and girls who just wanted to have fun. 300+ restaurants and bars who many times couldn't even handle the inflow of new customers that came after getting listed on Kaching.
A wild ride. We experimented with ultrasonic audio to authenticate deal redemptions, bluetooth beacons to figure out how much business we were driving to stores, ran banner ads to pay interns, came up with treasure hunts to stay afloat, and ultimately ran social media accounts of our partner stores to make steady $$$ until we figured out the referrals jam.

The core ethos remained unchanged.

How can we in the most seamless way possible, drive more footfall to stores?

And thus, the epiphany that lead to the Kaching you see today.

Word of Mouth's Back!